Courtney Agencies' corporate memberships include:

The Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

The CSCB is the representative body for Canada’s customs brokers. As members, we benefit from opportunities for education and professional development that give us nationally-recognized qualifications and keep us up to date in the continually evolving customs regulations environment. Paul Courtney has served as a board director of CSCB since 2002, most recently as Education Director.

The Vancouver Board of Trade

The Vancouver Board of Trade is dedicated to developing the Vancouver region as a Pacific centre for trade, commerce, and travel. As members, we benefit from a range of resources and services designed to foster our growth in the global economy. Our membership connects us a network of more than 5,000 business contacts in a wide range of industries.

Atlas International Network Ltd.

Atlas International Network Ltd. Is a group of independent forwarding companies, OTI/NVOCC's and related service providers, working together under the same trade-name and logo. Carefully screened and selected, Atlas members have the flexibility and superior service only locally owned companies can provide.

With the help and coverage of Atlas International Network, they can challenge the comparison with any of the big multinationals in the transportation industry. Today already, Atlas International Network members' customers include ADIDAS, ALCAN, BAYER, KONICA, LEVI-STRAUSS, MARKS & SPENCER, NESTLE, SIEMENS, PHILIP MORRIS.



Plimsol Club

Chamber of Shipping