What can a customs consultant do for you?

In the current trade climate of tighter border control, Canada’s customs legislation is becoming increasingly complex. Laws are ever-changing and penalties for non-compliance are significantly higher. Whether you ship goods on a local or global scale, your reputation with Canada’s customs officials is based on the ongoing compliance of your trade activities.

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Thankfully, Vancouver’s experienced customs brokers can help you import or export your merchandise to or from anywhere in Canada. We offer a multitude of trade advisory services to help you move goods in a seamless and cost-effective manner. If you need help navigating the complex world of trade, here’s why you should consider working with a customs consultant.

How can customs consultants help?

As experts in trade logistics, customs consultants ensure a hassle-free process of transportation of goods. Courtney Agencies’ trade compliance specialists can steer you through the regulatory requirements that govern international trade when moving merchandise in and out of cities such as Vancouver. We’ll verify that your paperwork is in order, ensure that goods are valued and classified properly, and present opportunities for cost savings through various government programs.

What is the Duties Relief Program?

The Duties Relief Program is a government trade incentive program that allows qualified companies to import goods duty-free, as long as those goods are exported within four years of arriving in Canada. The program exists to help Canadian companies compete in the global market by reducing importing and carrying costs for importers and manufacturers. Companies can apply to the program if they import goods that are later exported as-is, or if they import goods that are used to produce other goods for export. The Duties Relief Program requires detailed record keeping to ensure compliance in case of a customs audit. Thankfully, Vancouver’s trusted customs brokers can assist with the necessary paperwork and provide recommendations on how to efficiently track goods.

Customs consultants can help you improve your bottom line by keeping you informed of any changes to government programs and ensuring you receive the maximum in drawbacks and refunds.

Professional customs consulting services tailored to your needs

Since 1955, Courtney Agencies has been providing companies across Canada with global solutions for all of their import and export needs. Based in Vancouver, our team of professional customs brokers will help you navigate complex trade issues and gain a stronger foothold in the marketplace. Thanks to our extensive customs knowledge, we have the capacity to handle freight of all kinds, from smaller shipments to higher volume imports. 

What are your customs consulting needs? Give us a call and we’ll put together a comprehensive strategy that meets your business’s unique objectives.