The Facts about Freight Forwarding

It’s really no wonder freight forwarders are in such high demand! They provide an indispensable, cost-effective and professional service to any commercial enterprise that ships goods across global borders.

So, what do freight forwarders do? Freight forwarders are specialists in logistics who can handle all your shipping needs—import or export. They act as intermediaries between you, the shipper, and all the possible transportation services available including trucking, rail, air freight and cargo ships.

What can a freight forwarder in Vancouver do for you?

  • Save you time and money. Handling all the paperwork and logistics of shipping goods, especially across borders, is a time-consuming proposition. You may think you can handle it, but if you calculate the time you spend doing the work yourself and the cost of doing it wrong, even just once, it becomes clear that hiring a freight forwarder in Vancouver is not a luxury. Freight forwarders spend their days negotiating the best prices with transportation companies and finding the most reliable and quickest routes. It’s what they do! Door-to-door and everything in between is what a freight forwarder in Vancouver like Courtney Agencies will do for you.
  • Tracking notifications: Elements that are out of our control can sometimes push expected delivery dates. At Courtney Agencies, we keep you notified at each relevant stage of your freight forwarding process; i.e. time of booking, or when a change happens that can alter the estimated time of arrival.
  • Offer you a host of insurance options. One of the biggest concerns of anybody shipping their merchandise is being secure in the knowledge it will get there in one piece. And if it doesn’t? If your goods get lost or damaged en route? An international freight forwarder like Courtney Agencies will offer you a slew of insurance options to fit your budget.
  • It’s a one-stop-shop! You pay only once to get your delivery from point A to point B. You no longer have to pay individually for each service rendered along the way. And you only have to deal with one point-of-contact! When you hire a company that specializes in freight forwarding in Vancouver you will be assigned a specialist with whom you will deal on a regular basis. Before you know it, this person will know as much about your shipping needs, budgets and destinations as you do! And he or she will constantly be on the lookout for the best way to achieve your goals.

Looking for an international freight forwarder in Richmond or Vancouver, BC? Give us a call at Courtney Agencies! We’ve been serving the international shipping needs of businesses for over 60 years.