What is global trade and what does it mean for your business in Vancouver?

Global trade is the movement of goods and services across international borders. The main difference between global and domestic trade is the higher cost of trading internationally, regardless of the distance goods must travel. Crossing political borders typically means additional costs due to tariffs, time lost in border delays and costs resulting from differences in language, culture and legal systems.

Can a shipping agent help you negotiate the complexities of import, export and global trade in Vancouver? Most certainly!

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Let’s take a look at what a shipping agent in Vancouver can do for you:

  • Peace of mind. The truth is it’s very difficult to even imagine the complexity of global trade, the time it takes to do it right, or all the things that can possibly go wrong importing and exporting in Vancouver. A shipping agent in Vancouver will organize to move your goods from door to door if desired, not just port to port; will take care of all shipping, customs and insurance paperwork and warehousing; will offer you one point of contact for all your questions and tracking; and all billing is centralized. A shipping agent in Vancouver may even be able to offer you credit terms, allowing you to pay only once your goods get safely to their destination instead of paying up front.
  • Does your business have the time, money and personnel to learn the intricacies of global trade in Vancouver, keep up with the myriad of constant changes, and then handle the complex, frustrating and time-consuming process of shipping internationally and brokering? Probably not. A shipping agent in Vancouver specializes in import and export—it’s what they do! When you hire a shipping agent in Vancouver to handle your global trade, you are offering yourself the opportunity to focus on what you do best—making your business shine and be profitable.
  • Cost-effective. You may very likely save money by hiring a shipping agent in Vancouver to handle your imports and exports. With their eyes glued to their computer screens and their ears to the phone, they are constantly negotiating the best prices and finding the perfect balance in transportation cost, speed and reliability—and all for your benefit!

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