Shipping your goods to Canada for a
Meeting, Seminar, Convention, Tradeshow or Exhibition

We would like to thank you for your interest in serving your show needs. We look forward to serving your cross border requirements for your event.

As the Customs Broker for an event we provide the following services:

  • Establish official recognition of the show by the Canada Border Services Agency to allow for duty-free importation of display items and establish border to show status.
  • We consult with exhibitors on Canada and U.S. Customs and transportation requirements as well as information on any possible duty and/or taxes applicable
    We provide required documents to exhibitors and provide assistance with completing required documentation
  • We meet private vehicles at the border and facilitate their customs clearance into Canada
  • We recommend transportation carriers and suggested routings
    Make transportation arrangements as well as tracing shipments and coordinating with chosen carriers
  • Prepare export documentation and coordinate U.S. Customs clearance on return
  • Through our Blaine U.S.A. warehouse and in-house carrier, we provide warehousing until move-in date, on-time delivery to show site and booth site, and on-time export after show.

In order to ensure that your U.S. exhibit material flows into and out of Canada in an expeditious and cost effective manner, we require the following procedures be followed whether you are shipping by common carrier or by your company or private vehicle:

Shipping exhibition material by common carrier

When sending your exhibition material by common carrier (ie UPS, Yellow Freight etc) to Canada, we kindly ask that you do the following:

  1. Please complete the following
    • Canada Customs Invoice for Tradeshow goods
    • Power of attorney / billing / return instructions form.
    • If goods are returning to the USA after the show, 3311 and 4455 Customs forms and US Customs Power of Attorney
  2. All goods must have a commercially valid value for Canada Customs purposes. We recommend a cost based value for printed matter and booths. Depreciation can be taken into consideration for Booths. For display product, use a selling price for this product to Canada. If not sold to Canada, the value can be based on domestic pricing. Customs will not accept an arbitrary value.
  3. Ensure that any material that will remain in Canada (i.e.: Brochures, Giveaways, etc.) is shown and valued on the Canada Customs Invoice as well as packed in separate boxes from your display materials. Please fax or email all paperwork to our office when complete [toll free: 800-956-8388 or]. The Canada Customs invoice(s) must also be sent with the carrier.
  4. Please ensure, when possible, that any serial numbers and/or markings are indicated on the customs invoice. Also please show booth numbers.
  5. Please mark your goods clearly and accurately before they are shipped and before they leave the show.
  6. If shipping from the USA, please address your goods to:

    1750 Grant Ave
    Ph# (360) 332-1539

  7. When shipping, please fax to us toll free @ (800) 956-8388 or email the following:
    • A copy of the Bill of Lading or Waybill with tracking number
    • All Canada Customs Invoices and packing slips
    • A copy of the power of attorney and return instructions

Any questions, please call Courtney Agencies toll free @ (877) 786-4970 (within North America). All shipments must be received at our warehouse no later than three business days before setup. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please advise Courtney Agencies immediately so special customs clearance arrangements can be arranged.

Exhibitors transporting their own goods by private vehicle

If you are transporting your own goods to the show, we ask that you follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Please fax (or email the following completed 1) Canada Customs Invoice and 2) Power of attorney / billing form to us and if applicable 3311 and 4455 @ (800) 956-8388 (at least one business day before arrival at border).
  • When you reach your chosen U.S. port of exit, please stop at U.S. CUSTOMS to present the 4455 and 3311 if applicable. They will give you a certificate of registry (4455) which you will present to U.S. Customs. They will give you a signed original back that will assist in your return trip through U.S. Customs.
  • Drive into the Canada Customs compound and park. Then report to our office (or agent) to pick up your Temporary Import Bond (E29B) (if applicable) and entry package (for giveaways {if applicable}). Then go back to Canada Customs to be cleared. If applicable Customs will give you an original "E29B" back. It is extremely important that the original stamped E29B be kept for use in exporting the goods back the U.S.
For your return trip, please do the following:

  • Report to Canada Customs and present the "E29B" for cancellation. This is extremely important. Please give one stamped/cancelled “E29B” to our office.
  • Report to U.S. Customs and present the Certificate of Registry (4455). They may waive you through. If not, please report to Sanders Brokerage where they will prepare an entry for you.

If the preceding routing recommendations do not fit your particular requirements, please contact us and we will make alternative customs clearance and/or transportation arrangements for you. If you require assistance or guidance in moving your exhibition material from origin, or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our customer service representatives toll free @ (877) 786-4970 or e-mail us at We look forward to serving you.