Software Solutions

Courtney Agencies can also help you analyze your specific information needs related to managing the import, export and freight logistics aspects of your business. You may want customized shipment or warehouse inventory reports from us to help you manage high volumes. You may have specific information or accounting requirements that we can help you meet with tailored reports. You may need 24 hour Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) access or other automated services.

At Courtney Agencies, we have a thirty year history of working with information and communication technologies. We maintain full-time in-house software management expertise to run our customized customs brokerage and accounting software. We have always been early adopters of new technology processes, such as reporting duties and taxes to customs electronically (CADEX), input release data for any port in Canada (ACROSS), and reporting other government department requirements (ACROSS Phase 3).

We employ the latest information and communication technologies to provide our clients, suppliers and government agencies with data services efficiently and accurately. We can help you benefit from our expertise by providing you with an individual software solution to meet your unique business needs and objectives. If there’s a way to save you time, reduce your costs, or provide you with information for decision-making, we will find a way to do so.