Cargo shipThe Canada Border Service Agency’s Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) facilitates the expedition of shipments by allowing customs documentation to be processed before the goods arrive at the border.

Each shipment is labelled with a bar-coded cargo control number. The customs broker prepares the required documentation and submits it to the border point before the shipment is due. Once the goods arrive at the border, the officer scans the bar code to determine whether they have been cleared.

If you have a PARS cargo control number for your shipment, you can check its status here to see if it has already been accepted by Canada customs. If you are a trucking company and your PARS has failed or you have another problem at the border, please call our office for assistance.

Please click here to check your PARS status.


PAPS Status

To check on your PAPS status set up through our approved partners, please click here.